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Eating Locally begins with Home Garden


Nothing could be more local –or make you more of a locavore – than eating locally grown produce that comes from your own garden plot. You may be thinking that you don’t have room for a garden, but I assure you that the vegetable garden has become “sweet ‘n’ neat” over the past few years for a couple of reasons.
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Getting the Skinny on Chia & Flax Seeds

Mixed seeds and a jar of chia seeds

Items touting chia seeds and flaxseeds are everywhere. What makes these little guys so special?

The seeds are both good sources of fiber, vitamins, minerals and heart-healthy polyunsaturated fat. Unlike flaxseeds, the body can absorb the nutrients from chia seeds whole. Flaxseed, however, cannot be fully digested whole. They must be ground so that the nutrients are available for your body to use.
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Staying on Track While Traveling

family road trip

Spring and summer often mean vacations and family reunions. Some of us find that traveling can be a big challenge to our healthy eating plans. The good news is that a few tips can help you stay on track while traveling.
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Keeping Your Heart Healthy in Winter

heart in hands

By Jay Morris February is here! This means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. But did you know that there’s another reason to celebrate the month of February? This month is American Heart Month. The purpose of American Heart Month is to promote healthy hearts. Keeping your heart healthy…
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Are Zucchini Noodles Worth the Hype?

Let’s discuss a little string theory (don’t worry, we’re referring to noodles). You’ve heard carbohydrates are the enemy, you’ve heard carbs will slow you down, and you definitely feel guilty each time you order pasta instead of a salad. You’ve also heard runners tout the benefits of a big bowl of pasta before…
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Red Top Mountain State Park: Fitness with a Ranger!

Red Top Mountain on Lake Allatoona is now offering “Fitness with a Ranger”! The park offers two “Fitness with a Ranger” classes that take advantage of the now-colorful trails. From jogging the Sweetgum trails to a moderate bike ride, an AmeriCorps Ranger will help you learn to move more (and live more)! The…
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