Zero Weight Gain Holiday Challenge

Loving Your Body

Beautiful young woman looking in the mirrorDo you say negative things about your body? Do you think this will motivate you to change how you eat and exercise? For most people it doesn’t work at all.

We think we can attain a perfect body, and that once we achieve it, all our problems will disappear. This is totally false. Even people who are very fit often still think their bodies need improvement.

Why don’t you give yourself a break? That doesn’t mean just abandoning good habits that make you healthier, but it does mean learning to appreciate the body you have.

Even people at the same weight will have different body types. No matter what weight you are, your body type isn’t going to change much. It may get larger or smaller, but it is still the same overall type. Stop comparing yourself to others and learn to appreciate your body for what it is and what it can do.

What body parts do you like and what do you dislike? Most people can list all the parts they want to change, but are clueless about any part they like. Instead of thinking about how a body part looks, think about how it functions. Would you like those legs or that stomach that you despise amputated or removed? I doubt it. Next time you start berating a part, think about all it does for you and you might be less critical.

When you criticize your body in front of kids, you give them the message that our bodies are the enemy that needs to be punished. No wonder kids think negative things about themselves as they get older. That is all they have heard from us and the media all their lives. Just think what might happen if a whole generation only heard positive things about their bodies?

To appreciate your body every day no matter what size or shape it is:

1) Clothe it in the most attractive clothing and accessories you can afford. Even a pretty blouse or a new shirt in a nice color from a discount store will make you feel better and more attractive.

2) Do something fun every day. When you have fun, you smile more, have more energy and are more interesting to be around.

3) Ask yourself several times a day, what does my body need now? You may be surprised that it begins to tell you to choose healthier things like taking a stretch break, eating a piece of fruit or drinking water.

thinking4) At the end of the day, think about all the good things your body did. It may have been playing with your children, finishing a project at work, or walking the dog. By appreciating the small things, you will eventually develop a better attitude about your body as a whole. You have to admit, thinking about the bad things sure hasn’t helped much.