Zero Weight Gain Holiday Challenge

Cooking Together

cook togetherThe holiday kitchen can be full of stress and hectic meal preparation for hungry relatives. BUT, it can also be full of creativity, merriment and delicious aromas. Here are some ways to make the kitchen less stressful and more fun this holiday season:

  • Plan ahead! Make food preparation a family activity. Select healthier recipes as a family and have all of the ingredients on hand so they are easy to prepare.
  • Do some prep work ahead. Chop some vegetables or mix dry ingredients the night before to make prep time faster.
  • Assign people specific tasks. The kitchen can get crazy with everyone in there. Organize and delegate. This will give each person a sense of purpose and will make things more efficient.
  • Set up a table away from the kitchen so the kids or even granddaddy and grandma can do other food prep. This will increase the food prep area so more family members can be involved with less chaos.
  • Have the kids set the table. This can be a fun activity for them and teach them an important skill! You may need to prepare a diagram ahead for them to follow. They may even like to make holiday place cards.
  • Sit down and enjoy the meal together. Share favorite holiday memories or funny stories from the day. Make the most of this shared time. You will remember it fondly later!
  • Many hands make light work! After the meal, encourage everyone to pitch in and clean up. Play some holiday tunes, assign jobs according to ability and the kitchen will be spick and span before you can say “Deck the Halls!”
  • Do something active afterward. This may be a walk, a game of tag outside, going caroling or playing charades. The goal is to move and not vegetate in front of the T.V. or smart phone.

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