Zero Weight Gain Holiday Challenge


water bottleDid you know that hunger can often be mistaken for thirst? You could be overeating when you are actually just thirsty!

The Institute of Medicine recommends 90 ounces of fluid per day for women and 125 ounces per day for men. Fluid is not just water; it is anything that provides you with liquid. Ideally you will choose zero calorie or low calorie sources as often as possible.

Are you meeting this goal? Here are three tips that may help you to achieve this recommendation:

#1 Carry a water bottle all the time. This isn’t always easy or fashionable, but slowly sipping on water all day will help you to get your fluid needs met and make you feel better.

#2 Drink two glasses of water when you feel hungry. Then wait a few minutes and if you are still hungry, choose something to eat. This ensures that you are getting enough water (which is so easy to forget, especially when you are busy) and also gives you time to think about your food choices. This might slow you down enough so you don’t hastily grab that tantalizing dessert at a party, but instead make a smarter choice like some fruit salad and a small cookie!

#3 Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Beverages aren’t the only source of fluid. Most vegetables and fruits are also mainly made up of water. Fruits and vegetables are the original source of “vitamin water.”

Hydration is important for health, beautiful skin and healthy eating habits! Make a resolution to get plenty of water and other healthy fluids this holiday season!