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2018 Sprayer Adjustments

Thanks to Jeff Cook, County Agent in Peach/Taylor: With new regulations going into place for the 2018 growing season, now may be a good time to make some adjustments on your pesticide sprayer. Label requirements for the new Dicamba (Engenia, XtendiMax, or Fexapan) or the 2,4-D (Enlist Duo or Enlist…
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Small Grain Needs Rain

Today we were looking at triticale and oats. We looked at fields grown for grain and grazing. He made a comment about something I observed earlier this week in small grain: some small grain is showing obvious symptoms of drought when others are not. We are needing rain pretty bad…
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Pecans Not Opening?

Last week, I was asked about why some 6 year old Stuart and Desirable pecans may not open. There are always some odd issues we see each season, and most of them are induced by a pest or environmental issue months prior. Earlier this year, UGA Pecan Horticulturalist Dr. Lenny…
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Bird Cherry-Oat Aphids

This is a wide blade Triticale 342 planted for grazing. It resembles that of oats. They are looking good this week despite no rain. As I was looking at this field for weed control issues, I noticed a few bird cherry-oat aphids. There are about 5 species of aphids present in…
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Fiery Red

We’ve already had two frosts this fall, and many colors are evident on trees in Wilcox County. I had to take a picture of this ‘fiery red’, sugar maple tree this week. It seems like the last few years, we haven’t seen good fall color. Since temperature is the greatest influence of…
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4-H Boston Butt Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who purchased a Boston Butt from the Wilcox County 4-H program. A total of 282 were sold this year! This is an annual event the 4-H office conducts right before Thanksgiving. Keith Massey with Keith-A-Que in Ashburn cooks the butts. He does a great job. They are…
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Twig Girdler Pecan Damage

I was asked what could almost perfectly cut a branch of a young pecan tree. Looking at the trees and where they are planted, we thought about wildlife – deer. This is right on the Ocmulgee too, so they are everywhere. It turns out that it is insect damage. It’s…
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Winter Forage Off To A Good Start

For the most part, we are off to a good start with our winter forages. They look to have established and tillering well. We still need a few more inches of grow before we can let cows graze. This is some rye I looked at on Monday. You can see…
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