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Work Out! Stay Smart! By Dr. Supriya Venigalla


Everyone knows that exercising is a really good thing for the body. It helps with weight loss, prevents diabetes, lowers your blood pressure, and generally makes you look better. But did you know that regular exercise also helps you stay smart? Studies done at The University of Texas at Dallas, […]
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Your Workout Plan for Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

fitness demos

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We know you have a lot on your plate this weekend (we hope it’s loaded with fruit, too). So don’t worry about making an exercise plan — we’ve done it for you! Visit our site, where we have three amazing trainers that teach you to do simple moves […]
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Take-the-Stairs Tuesday

elevator stairs

We couldn’t agree more with this fun graphic. But that doesn’t mean we always like it! Health journeys are really hard most days. So today, just do what you know to do, and don’t sweat the other stuff. Walk during your free time, turn down that extra dessert. Move more, Live More […]
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Blog Exclusive Recipe – Kid Friendly!


Happy Friday! Our team worked hard this week putting together NEW site features to help you move more this summer! The new features will help you compete with and connect to other like-minded movers! They will be released over the next few weeks, so stay tuned to the site! All […]
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Take-the-Stairs Tuesday


We want to know: how do you fit fitness into your everyday life? We love this great graphic, produced by a teaching hospital (! Researchers, scientists and doctors all agree that fitting fitness into your everyday is the best way! Don’t torture yourself on the treadmill everyday (unless you just love it!). […]
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Fit an ENTIRE vacation in before Monday…


Happy Friday! We hope you had a great week. The Walk Georgia Team traveled all over our great state this week helping folks move more and live more. We certainly lived more this week and met a lot of new people! Speaking of new people, we are excited to introduce an […]
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Take-the-Stairs Tuesday (Yoga Edition)


This week, we are hosting Walking, Jogging, and Yoga sessions at the Urban and Health Extension conference in Atlanta. We can’t imagine a better way to end the workday! Do you have an event or conference coming up that would benefit from a little movement? Let us know how we […]
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