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Considerations for crop thinning

We talked about crop load management at the recent mid-season vineyard workshop at Wolf Mountain Vineyards and Winery.  Whether you were there or not, I hope this will serve as good food for thought if you are considering crop thinning. Depending on variety, site, and local weather patterns, some will be starting veraison…
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Sour Rot Management

After the meeting on Wednesday, there was a request for more information on sour rot management through use of insecticides for control of SWD.  I contacted Megan Hall, who conducted this research at Cornell.  She indicated that the 2016 research continued to support the use of MustangMaxx.  She states, “If…
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Downy Mildew Alert

I have had a few questions relative downy mildew management, especially with the floods of the last week. Relative Abound fungicide, I would not trust any of the strobilurins alone for downy mildew management. If using Abound, I would use the high rate, and I would add some Captan to…
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