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Downy Mildew Alert

I have had a few questions relative downy mildew management, especially with the floods of the last week. Relative Abound fungicide, I would not trust any of the strobilurins alone for downy mildew management. If using Abound, I would use the high rate, and I would add some Captan to…
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Vineyard management – brief update

At this stage, most are hopefully finished with shoot thinning and tucking and now are doing some remedial canopy work – such as fruit-zone leafing and canopy hedging. Remember – intensive leaf removal is best done early (i.e. peppercorn to pea size berries at latest) in order to acclimate fruit…
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UGA Extension New Grape Grower’s Conference – August 16th

             UGA EXTENSION NEW GRAPE GROWER’S CONFERENCE     AUGUST 16, 2017 AT CRANE CREEK VINEYARDS IN YOUNG HARRIS, GA      If you are looking to establish vines, just started producing wines, or have an interest in joining the Georgia / southeastern US vineyard and winery industry, please join us at our New Grape…
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Mid-season vineyard management workshop- June 28th

UGA Extension is hosting a mid-season vineyard management workshop at Wolf Mountain Vineyards & Winery in Dahlonega, GA on Wednesday, June 28th from 10:00am – 4:00pm. We will discuss post-veraison considerations for wine grape vineyard management. The schedule is as follows: 10:00- Mid- and late-season canopy and crop load management, canopy scouting, and monitoring…
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Canopy management in the post-fruit set period

In addition to pest management (as recently posted by Nathan), canopy management is an important consideration in the early post-fruit set period. While chemical management is of utmost importance in the humid eastern US, where fungal diseases are pervasive, canopy management is a good supplement as it aids in canopy and fruit-zone drying, spray…
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