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Pierce’s Disease Action Items

Pierce’s disease (PD) is showing up in numerous vineyards on quite a few grape varieties — V. vinifera and hybrids. Vines should be scouted in each vineyard for the three characteristic symptoms of PD: leaf scorch showing marginal chlorosis and necrosis, leafless petioles “match-sticks”, and “green islands” on the canes….
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A reflection on Norton winemaking

Dear all: I wanted to share a well-written note regarding Norton winemaking. a note on Norton astringency An industry member wrote it up, and I take absolutely zero credit for it. Thanks to this member for their kindness in sharing their thoughts with the true aim of helping out all…
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Update on Hurricane Irma 9-8-2017

I have a new update on Hurricane Irma posted on my Climate blog at For central and north Georgia, the biggest impact from winds is likely to be Monday night through Tuesday morning, although there could be some windy periods before and after that as spiral bands move through. …
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Information on the potential impacts of Hurricane Irma

Here is some information I sent out to extension agents around Georgia regarding Hurricane Irma, a category 5 hurricane which may hit Georgia early next week.  You can read it at my blog at  
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Fall is expected to be warmer and wetter than normal

The latest outlooks for September and for fall and winter from the Climate Prediction Center are out and show that September is expected to be cooler than normal in inland areas of the Southeast, especially in the first half of the month. It should be warmer than normal in the…
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Muscadine harvest update

I have had the pleasure of being out and about in some muscadine vineyards over the last several days and wanted to give an update on what’s going on in the muscadine world here in Georgia – it is quite an eventful time with harvest upon us… Fresh market: Harvest…
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