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Grape root borer detection

We collected our first grape root borer adult in one of our pheromone traps in North Georgia. This means that the adults are beginning to emerge from the soil out of their pupal stage. For the next few weeks the adults will emerge, mate, and the females will lay their…
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Soil and Plant Tissue Sampling in Vineyards

Like most perennial plants, the nutritional requirements of grapevines are best evaluated through a combination of soil testing, tissue analysis, observations, and past experience. Soil tests can give growers information about soil pH and basic nutrient levels in the vineyard. To ensure that your grapevines are taking up sufficient nutrients,…
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Considerations for crop thinning

We talked about crop load management at the recent mid-season vineyard workshop at Wolf Mountain Vineyards and Winery.  Whether you were there or not, I hope this will serve as good food for thought if you are considering crop thinning. Depending on variety, site, and local weather patterns, some will be starting veraison…
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Sour Rot Management

After the meeting on Wednesday, there was a request for more information on sour rot management through use of insecticides for control of SWD.  I contacted Megan Hall, who conducted this research at Cornell.  She indicated that the 2016 research continued to support the use of MustangMaxx.  She states, “If…
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