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Reminder – grower roundtable meeting on November 1st (NEXT Wednesday)

We have had only a handful of registrants for the grower roundtable meeting scheduled for next Wednesday, November 1 at Kaya Vineyard and Winery.  This meeting will start at 10 AM. Details can be found in a previous post: Maybe only a handful of people are interested in attending…
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Vineyard “chores” list from Southern Region Small Fruits Consortium Newsletter

I write a column in the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium’s quarterly newsletter entitled “Small Fruit News”. The column is a “grape chores list” to complement the caneberry and strawberry chores lists contained in the newsletter. This chores list may contain some information that is valuable to blog readers, so…
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A note about post-harvest fertilization

I have been asked about the need to apply fertilizer after harvest. Studies have shown that root mass increases considerably after harvest, and continues on this trend for about five to six weeks before levelling off at leaf fall.  During the post-harvest / pre-leaf drop period, roots can take up…
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Muscadine harvest update

I have had the pleasure of being out and about in some muscadine vineyards over the last several days and wanted to give an update on what’s going on in the muscadine world here in Georgia – it is quite an eventful time with harvest upon us… Fresh market: Harvest…
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Monitoring maturity / deciding when to pick.

MONITORING MATURITY: Monitoring grape maturity is important in order to determine when to pick. I am not going to go into the rather subjective details of what defines maturity for making quality wine. Most industry practitioners use a combination of chemical and sensory evaluations to determine when to pick (……
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