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Selling Hay to South Carolina

Helping our Neighbors in South Carolina You’ve seen the news. You’ve seen the devastation that has hit South Carolina in the wake of all the rain they received a few days back. What hasn’t been in the news is how much damage was done to their hay crops. For many…
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Overseeding Forages

It’s Time to Overseed Forages If you plan to overseed for winter grazing now is the optimum time to start planting.  The most common cause of overseeding failure is planting into excess residue from your perennial crop.   Research suggests that you plant into less than 6 inches of residue. It…
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Cotton Crop Going Backwards Fast

Only one partially sunny day since September 21st and between 3 and 5 inches of rain have put a hurting on our cotton crop.  Boll rot is fairly prevalent across the area and we are now seeing seeds sprouting in open bolls. At this stage there is really nothing that…
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Georgia Sept. Ag Update (USDA)

Corn for grain production is forecast at 48.8 million bushels, down 7 % from 2014. If realized, yield at 184 bushels/acre will be a record high.  Cotton acreage is revised up to 1,120,000 planted and 1,110,000 harvested with production forecasted at 2.2 million bales, down 14% from 2014. Peanut acreage…
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Watch Your Step

Stepped over this little guy last week taking a peanut sample for a maturity test.  It is that time of year folks, and every one out in the field needs to keep an eye out.
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