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‘Tis The Season

It is the holiday season and that means many things to all of us.  Hunting, Football, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Agricultural Production Updates.  You may not love sitting in meetings but if you have agricultural interests in middle Georgia these updates can help you improve on your current production practices and remain profitable.
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Caterpillars and Asian Soybean Rust

Asian Soybean Rust has officially been detected in Peach County, which means it could be anywhere and in any field. Once this rust appears, it can develop quickly with the help of a little rain and wind. This disease is of particular concern if your soybeans are between flowering and…
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Be on the Lookout for Soybean Rust

Hurricane Irma is going to make a mess and it will probably also spread soybean rust across our area.  As soon as the fields dry out we need to be looking for soybean rust in all of our group VII beans.  We are at the beginning of pod fill and…
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To Dig or Not to Dig

I hope that this is not even a question now that we have a better idea of where Irma is headed.  Even our earliest peanuts planted around April 17th would only be 145 days on the 15th of September.  Reports from  Agents in our area and south show the early…
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