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Causes of Bermudagrass Decline in Pastures and Hayfields

Bermudagrass decline is a term that broadly describes the gradual thinning and sometimes the outright loss of grass stands over time. The term is broad because the problem is often linked to several different causes. These primary causes are often exacerbated by extreme environmental stresses like drought, heavy rainfalls, harsh…
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Problems with Dogwood Trees

Dogwood Trees Chris Tyson, Tattnall Extension I have been getting a lot of calls lately about dogwood trees.  Some are getting spots on the leaves, some are wilting and dying, and some have been dropping leaves.  Others have just been planted and are struggling to survive.  Dogwood trees can make…
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Soil Health Workshop–June 21, 2016

A two part soil health workshop will be held next week at Joey Norman’s and Clayton Anderson’s farm.  This event will begin at Joey Norman’s farm in Glennville.  Lunch will be provided after this session.  After lunch, the group will visit Clayton Anderson’s farm in Bulloch County.  Please RSVP to…
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Pesticide Disposal Day, June 29 2016

The next pesticide disposal day has been set by the Georgia Department of Ag.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to properly dispose of any old chemicals you have on your farm.  These disposal days have only been offered at 1 or 2 locations in south Georgia over the last…
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Prionus Root Borer in Pecan

Here is some great information about Prionus Root Borers in Pecans from Dr. Lenny Wells.  I know there are some growers who have traps set out in their orchards in Tattnall County for these insects. If you have an old pecan orchard in decline, with limbs that get weaker and…
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