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Interview with State Climatologist

This year’s El Nino is particularly weird according to University of Georgia Climatologist Pam Knox. Typically, El Nino starts around late December, but this time around it did not start until about March.  Because of that, subtropical jet streams have shifted over Texas and Oklahoma during their planting season, causing…
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Cleaning Valor Out Of Your Spray Tank

I know many folks are through using Valor for the year, but some folks are still using it for soybeans.  I got this tank cleanout guide from Hunt Sanders, FMD Specialist for Valent, that I wanted to share with everyone.  It tells how to properly clean Valor herbicide from your…
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Prevent Blossom End Rot in Tomatoes

Many folks have tomato plants in their gardens, and many of them have some nice tomatoes that will be ready soon.  Every year in the summer I get calls about blossom end rot.  Most folks say their tomatoes look good, with a healthy vine, but some tomatoes are turning black and rotting on…
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Irrigating Young Pecan Trees

Here is some great information that was just shared with me by Lenny Wells, our UGA Pecan Specialist.  He has been doing some irrigation research on young pecan trees in their first year of planting.  Here’s his article below: Young pecan trees require two key ingredients for establishment; 1) water…
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Morningglory Control in Soybeans

Its never too early to think about controlling morningglory. In the picture above and below, you can see pitted morningglory coming up in soybeans that were just planted.  These will need to be controlled early on so they don’t take over the soybeans.  They can become a big problem later…
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Peanut Irrigation Scheduling

Many acres of peanuts have recently been planted in our area during the past several weeks.  Peanuts can be somewhat drought tolerant, but good irrigation management can result in substantial yield increases.  Below is a peanut irrigation schedule from the University of Georgia.  The 1.5 inches per week irrigation schedule is…
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Coffeeweed Control in Peanuts

  One troublesome weed in peanuts that we see a lot of in Tattnall County is Sicklepod, but most people know it as “Coffeeweed”.  I took this photo of one that just sprouted and came up in some peanuts.  Many growers have trouble controlling it later in the season when it…
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