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Pruning Pecan Trees

Lenny Wells, our UGA Pecan Specialist, has a great article on pruning trees. Here it is below:   We’re headed into my least favorite time of year. When I was younger I enjoyed cold weather a lot more than I do now. The crop is about done, deer season is…
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Pecan Irrigation Schedule

Growing a good crop of pecans requires good irrigation management.  Dr. Lenny wells, UGA Pecan Specialist, has been doing irrigation research on pecans during the past several years.  Below are some irrigation recommendations from Dr. Lenny Wells: “Up to June pecan trees benefit from irrigation but only need a fraction of the…
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Pecan Flowering

Many pecan orchards in our area are currently in the pollination stage of growth. Around the county I have seen many pecan trees with a good crop of flowers on them.  It is a good sign when the trees have a good crop of flowers on them.  It varies with variety,…
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