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Total Agriculture in Rockdale County

Total Agriculture in Rockdale County $47,566,528 Rockdale Ag Sectors: Poultry $32,487,056 Livestock $7,862,425 Greenhouse $4,624,715 Agritourism $1,151,157 Other Ag $1,441,175 Rockdale County is a fast growing and dynamic suburban community located 24 miles east of Atlanta on Interstate 20. It is about 130 square miles in size – the second…
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Leyland Cypress Gets Really Big!

The Rockdale County Extension Service provides many services to the people of Rockdale, but one of the most popular is our Plant Disease Clinic in which we diagnose plant problems and make recommendations on how to fix them. We receive many samples per year and out of all the disease samples we…
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Fleas…I am itching just writing about them.

Did you just move into a home and suddenly you find yourself being bitten by fleas? Your home’s prior occupant likely left a stockpile of flea eggs in the yard and the house. Lucky you! The egg/pupae stage of the flea’s life cycle is not susceptible to insecticides. Flea eggs/pupae…
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Blueberry: An easy to grow healthful fruit

Georgia’s blueberry industry is booming! Last year Georgia became the largest producer of blueberries in the country. Georgia has close to 20,000 acres of blueberries with more being planted every day. Homeowners are planting blueberries in increasing numbers, too. Home gardeners are enjoying fresh, juicy blueberries right from their own…
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Take a Gardening Class in 2015!

Greetings Rockdale County, GA gardeners! Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many blog posts on our new blog “The Rockdale Gardener”. In the future you will see posts concerning home gardening topics such as latest information on flowering annual and perennial plants, landscape shrubs and trees and…
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