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Snakes are Looking for Warm Places to Spend the Winter!

 The first step is to properly identify the snake. If you can get a picture of the snake you can email it to me at and I can try to identify it for you. The most common snakes we see are non-poisonous rat snakes and northern banded water snakes which are commonly…
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Beneficial Insects, Spiders and Mites

The most numerous form of life on earth is the insect and they take care of some of the most basic chores of the natural world. Our beneficial six-legged friends perform processes such as organic matter decomposition, soil aeration, and pollination. They also help to control harmful insects that damage…
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Attracting Birds to Your Landscape

The brightly colored feathers of Goldfinches on my bird feeder thrills my family as we watch them out of our dining room window at each meal. Hummingbirds visiting the cleome and cosmos flowers fly up to the window to see what we are up to. Birds are like flying flowers….
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Armadillo Problems – solutions from the expert

In a given year I get many calls about “Armadillo Problems”. According to our expert Michael T. Mengak, PhD, Certified Wildlife Biologist®, UGA , there are no repellents or poisons registered for armadillo. The only way to get rid of an armadillo is to trap it or kill it. “Armadillo are not…
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