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To Apply Spring Preemergent Herbicides Or Not To Apply…That is the Question

Two Choices: 1. Perfect Lawns require Spring Preemergent Herbicides  If you want your lawn to be as weed-free as a golf course, then you must apply preemergent herbicides. These chemicals prevent weed seed from germinating and kill tiny weeds. The time for preemergent herbicide application is now: apply preemergent herbicides between…
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Pear (Pyrus sp.) is Quickly Becoming a Pest

By Steve Pettis, Rockdale County Extension Agent Wild pears have invaded Georgia. If you look in almost any field during the month of March you will see the trees blooming a magnificent white. However, their spring beauty hides the true aggressiveness of this plant.              …
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February is the month to think about turfgrass!

  February is the time to start thinking about turfgrass. This is the month to apply preemergent herbicides, lime according to a soil test and overseed fescue. Preemergent herbicides are weed killers that prevent weed seeds from germinating. If you need recommendations on the correct one to use, UGA has…
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