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Problems on Cedars This Spring

I have gotten many calls about various cedars/cypress/pine trees (Deodara, Italian, Leyland, etc.)  turning yellow or bronze and dropping needles. There are several things going on right now that could be the problem: Spider mites – cool season spider mites like Southern Red Mite thrive in cooler temperatures. Our relatively cool…
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Fire Blight on Pears

Check out these pictures of Fire Blight infection on flowering pears (photos by Harris County, UGA). According to the UGA Publication on Fire Blight, “Fireblight is a destructive, highly infectious and widespread disease caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora. Fireblight can be a problem in Georgia and is particularly prevalent in…
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Screens Block Unwanted Views

Homes in suburbia are getting closer together. Lot sizes are shrinking and houses are getting bigger. Space is limited and privacy is at a premium. Screens block views and can be created by the proper placement of any object or plant. Walls, trellises with vines, buildings, fences and hedges can…
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Silly Psyllids on Beech Trees

The Beech tree in my front has some strange inhabitants. These white insects form colonies on limbs. Below them is a mysterious substance. The insect is a psyllid or woolly aphids. Psyllids bunch together and move in unison when threatened making themselves look like a larger organism. Psyllids are gregarious insects that…
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Scout Trees for Trunk Rotting Fungi Now

Trees planted decades ago in older neighborhoods are in decline in cities all across Georgia. Urban trees tend to have shortened lives, some living no more than fifty to eighty years. Urban forests in many metro areas have begun to mature and decline in overall health. Declining trees are very…
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Ambrosia Beetles Kill Japanese Maples

If you own a Japanese maple, flowering cherry tree, redbud or any smooth barked tree, be vigilant! An insect pest is out there stalking your prized landscape tree. It is very tiny but it can bring even large trees down. This insect is an exotic invasive known as the Granulate/Asian ambrosia…
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