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Have You Always Dreamed of Being a Farmer?

Have you always dreamed of being a farmer? Are you great at growing plants? Are you good with animals such as chickens, rabbits or goats? Have you always wanted to work with honey bees? Do you feel passionately about ‘locally grown food’ or the ‘farm-to-table’ movement? Perhaps it is time for…
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Safe Handling for Backyard Poultry

A good article on handling backyard poultry by Healther Kolich, Forsyth County Agent  
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Poultry on Parade Poultry Swap Meet

  Poultry on Parade Poultry Swap Meet Swap all types of poultry. There will be information on raising your own backyard flock and the best part is the Stock Market has everything you need to successfully raise chickens! The Stock Market Country Store Facebook The Stock Market is your local…
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