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Large Patch Fungus Killing Warm Season Grasses This Fall

The large patch fungus attacks warm season turf during cool wet periods. The fungus eats at the plants roots, killing the grass in distinct near-circular patches. Dr. Alfredo Martinez, UGA’s Turfgrass Disease specialist, has written a really good synopsis of the disease here: Large patch disease is favored by: •…
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Ambrosia Beetles Kill Japanese Maples

If you own a Japanese maple, flowering cherry tree, redbud or any smooth barked tree, be vigilant! An insect pest is out there stalking your prized landscape tree. It is very tiny but it can bring even large trees down. This insect is an exotic invasive known as the Granulate/Asian ambrosia…
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Leyland Cypress Gets Really BIG!!!

In this article from the UK, homeowners had to take action after their neighbor’s Leyland Cypresses overgrew their property! I’m afraid this will happen in the US eventually. Leylands Get Really Big! Plant Them Far Enough Apart. Leyland cypress (x Cupressocyparis leylandii) is one of the most commonly used landscape trees…
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Be on the lookout for fungus affecting native azaleas in Georgia

Dr. Marin Brewer at the University of Georgia is studying a  fungus that affects Rhododendron canescens, which is commonly known as Piedmont Azalea, Pinxter Azalea, Wild Azalea, Sweet Mountain Azalea, or Wild Honeysuckle. The fungus, known as  Exobasidium, forms a flower shaped gall from the leaves of the azalea. The galls emerge in…
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Eastern Redbud and Flowering dogwood, Harbingers of Spring

In the forests of the eastern United States, the native Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis blooms magenta as the native Flowering Dogwood Cornus florida blooms white. Heralding the arrival of spring inn March and April, this native duo signals to plant lovers in the southeast that the gardening season has begun. The…
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Green Industry Update for Professionals; CEUs available; March 13 Gwinnett

There is a great opportunity for green industry pros to get continuing education credits at a green industry update for professionals to be held in Gwinnett. The program will offer 5 hours of Category 24 Turf and Ornamentals Pesticide License credits. 5 hours of ISA Certified Arborist Credits along with 0.50…
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