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Adding Beneficial Insect Preservation to Your Pest Management Business

by Steve D. Pettis Rockdale County Extension Agent Pollinators in the news Pollinators have been headlining the news for months now. With reports of declining Monarch Butterfly populations and honeybee deaths seeming in the news daily, homeowners are becoming aware of the plight of pollinators and other beneficial insects. Just…
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Helping Pollinators – Attracting Butterflies to Your Landscape

Pollinating insects are critical to the environment and agriculture. These insects transfer pollen from plant to plant making possible the fruits, vegetables and nuts that we depend on for our survival. The best known pollinator besides the honey bee is the butterfly. There are many species of butterflies and one…
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Beneficial Insects, Spiders and Mites

The most numerous form of life on earth is the insect and they take care of some of the most basic chores of the natural world. Our beneficial six-legged friends perform processes such as organic matter decomposition, soil aeration, and pollination. They also help to control harmful insects that damage…
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