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Magnolias and hollies dropping leaves

Each spring we County Agents get questions about magnolias and other broadleaf evergreen plants such as hollies dropping leaves. We generally call this phenomena ‘evergreen leaf drop’. Deciduous plants such as oak trees drop all of their leaves each year…all at once. Evergreen plants such as magnolias drop all of their…
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What is causing this circle around my tree?

There are several reasons why a circle might appear in the turf surrounding a tree. No, not aliens or crop circles. Sometimes there are many possible scenarios for a landscape phenomena. For instance, here four differing suggestions as to what could be causing the grass turn brown in a circle…
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Scout Trees for Trunk Rotting Fungi Now

Trees planted decades ago in older neighborhoods are in decline in cities all across Georgia. Urban trees tend to have shortened lives, some living no more than fifty to eighty years. Urban forests in many metro areas have begun to mature and decline in overall health. Declining trees are very…
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Ambrosia Beetles Kill Japanese Maples

If you own a Japanese maple, flowering cherry tree, redbud or any smooth barked tree, be vigilant! An insect pest is out there stalking your prized landscape tree. It is very tiny but it can bring even large trees down. This insect is an exotic invasive known as the Granulate/Asian ambrosia…
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Green Industry Update for Professionals; CEUs available; March 13 Gwinnett

There is a great opportunity for green industry pros to get continuing education credits at a green industry update for professionals to be held in Gwinnett. The program will offer 5 hours of Category 24 Turf and Ornamentals Pesticide License credits. 5 hours of ISA Certified Arborist Credits along with 0.50…
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Pruning Crape Mytles

Many of us already have Crape Myrtles established in our landscapes. Unfortunately, the tree has the dubious distinction among gardeners and horticulturists as the plant that gets butchered in the worst way by uninformed property maintenance companies and homeowners. ‘Crape murder’ is a term that is used to describe the…
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