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Fruitworms Destroy Blueberry Harvests

I have been seeing a lot of Cranberry/Cherry Fruitworm damage on Blueberry. The insect lays an egg on the developing fruit,

fruitworm on blueberry

Fruitworm caterpillars bore into blueberries and eat the interior of the fruit. Serious infestations can ruin harvests.

it hatches, bores into the fruit and eats the inside of the berry. The fruit is left looking mummified and orange frass about the size of sand is left stuck to the exit hole with webbing. Larvae overwinter in debris under the plants and emerge as moths during bloom to mate then lay eggs.

Remove overwintering material under plants (weeds/fallen leaves) and monitor. Treat with an insecticide just after blooming finishes if necessary.

Read more at this Washington State University website: