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The Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program

The Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program is a volunteer training program old town 2014offered through the county offices of UGA Extension. Through this program individuals are trained and certified in home horticulture, gardening, and related areas. These individuals, in turn, volunteer their expertise and services, under the direction of the Extension Agent. Master Gardeners help others through educating the public about the benefits of a healthy environment and through horticultural projects that benefit the community.

Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers bring the latest horticultural information and practices from the world of research to their communities’ landscapes and gardens making life better for citizens in Rockdale County.

How to become a Master Gardener

Master Gardener applications are sent out in October and applicants are chosen in November. Applicants must pass a University of Georgia Volunteer background check.  

The class is taught at the UGA Extension offices in Rockdale, Henry and Spalding counties beginning in January and going through the first of April one day a week from early morning to afternoon. Applicants are required to attend class and pass a mid-term and final exam. The cost for the class is determined each year. 

Let me know if you want me to add you to the list to receive a Master Gardener application this fall .