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When Can I Plant My Tomatoes?

Three weeks of temperatures in the mid-sixties makes every gardener worth his or her salt want to get out and start planting their vegetable garden. With the daffodils blooming and the buds on the trees swelling, spring looks like it is here. But beware, the ‘garden-gods,’ like the Greek gods…
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Screens Block Unwanted Views

Homes in suburbia are getting closer together. Lot sizes are shrinking and houses are getting bigger. Space is limited and privacy is at a premium. Screens block views and can be created by the proper placement of any object or plant. Walls, trellises with vines, buildings, fences and hedges can…
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Hostas and Hellebores: Shade favorites

Shade tends to discourage homeowners from gardening but it really shouldn’t. There are many plants that thrive in shade. Two of the best are hostas and hellebores. Hostas (Hosta sp.) are noted for their unique foliage. Natives of Asia, they have been enjoyed by southern gardeners for generations. These foliage…
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