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Storm Cleanup Assistance & Ambrosia Beetle Activity

South Georgia has been hit pretty hard yet again by several rounds of storms which spawned multiple destructive tornadoes. In addition to the many homes destroyed, pecan orchards have taken a hit from these storms leaving growers with many trees down and limbs broken. Growers with damage to their orchards need…
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Pruning Young Trees

We’re headed into my least favorite time of year. When I was younger I enjoyed cold weather a lot more than I do now. The crop is about done, deer season is over, football is almost over, I’m not much of a basketball fan, and baseball won’t be starting up for…
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Pecan Meetings for 2017

Most pecan farming operations are getting near the end of the harvest season and that means it will soon be time to plant new trees, prune, and attend the upcoming meetings. The following is a list of county pecan production meetings we have scheduled so far. I will update this…
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Will Stuart nuts open?

The biggest concern right now for most pecan growers is the delay in ‘Stuart’ shuck split. I have had many calls asking “Will these nuts ever open”? For the most part, yes they will. The delay in Stuart shuck split should not really come as a surprise. Stuart always has a…
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Harvest Update and Drought

The pecan harvest picked up momentum this week as many growers began harvesting Desirable, Stuart, and other mid-harvest season varieties. Desirables seem to be shaking out well while Stuart is probably not quite ready to really come out as we would like. I expect they won’t really shake well in…
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2016 Crop Update and Pecan Market Prices

The 2016 pecan market has opened with the crop beginning to trickle in. At this point I would still say the crop in general is about a week later than last year’s crop, which is going to put pressure on growers to meet mid-November contract dates. I expect harvest of…
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