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Herbicide Drift on Pecans

Well, since May has come around again, the annual calls on herbicide drift have been pouring in. Row crop fields are being burnt down in the wind and drift has been the main call to my phone for the last 2 weeks. This is a recurring problem in our state resulting from…
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Flying Squirrels Strip Bark From Pecan Trees

Many growers have recently called about the bark being stripped from their trees. This normally occurs on smooth-barked limbs or central leaders 3″ or less in diameter. The culprits here are flying squirrels. When food sources become scarce, flying squirrels will strip the bark off smooth barked branches to feed…
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Mouse Ear

 Pecan tree affected by mouse ear Each year it seems there is a particular problem that pops up a little more commonly than normal. So far this year, I would say that problem is mouse ear. If you notice small, rounded leaflets or in severe cases, extreme rosette of the…
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Insect update – Budmoth

Here’s an update from UGA Entomologist Will Hudson on budmoth: We’ve dodged ambrosia beetles for the most part, but lots of growers with young trees are seeing budmoth damage now. This pest is common in orchards but doesn’t do enough damage in larger trees to be noticeable.  Small trees, especially…
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The Problem with Late Stuarts

 ‘Stuart’ tree (left) surrounded by ‘Money Maker’ (right) and other cultivars on 4/13/2017 If you have spent any time in pecan orchards in Georgia over the last couple of weeks you have noticed budbreak progressing on most varieties with one particularly notable exception. At this point Stuart is further behind…
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Pecan Beginners Course Approaching

The Pecan Beginners Course is approaching soon. The event will be held April 18 at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center. Registration is available here: Pecan Beginners Registration. See previous post for program agenda,etc.
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