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Insect Update/ Terminal Die Back

Here is a pecan insect update from UGA Entomologist, Dr. Will Hudson: The yellow aphid spike many growers noticed in late June seems to have fallen off in most orchards, and the very hot weather now will really slow any further population increases.  That takes some pressure off for now. …
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Nut Drop, Leaf Samples, and Fungicide Sprays

We are seeing nut drop right now from various things. The Pawnee drop was much heavier than normal ranging from about 30%-70% as you move southward in the state. This correlates well with chill hours (Byron, GA —574 chill hrs; Valdosta, GA—264 chill hours), which is strong evidence for this being…
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Insect Update

Here is an insect update from Dr. Will Hudson: “A number of growers have called asking if they need to reapply their insecticide treatments for budmoth.  The answer is yes, definitely.  There are several (5-6) generations for budmoth, so young trees can be attacked anytime.  The more new growth they…
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Critical time for Fungicide Sprays

With June’s arrival nut sizing begins in earnest. This means the nuts will grow rapidly and as they grow they will expose newly developed and unprotected tissue. Your scab spray schedule is designed to protect that growth for 2 weeks (the amount of time for new tissue to develop and…
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June Drop Has Begun for Desirable

We have had a heavy bloom of female flowers and a good early nut set on ‘Desirable’ this year, but anyone that has been around pecans in Georgia for long knows this cultivar has a nut drop in June each year. When this occurs the trees may drop as much…
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