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Irrigating Young Pecan Trees

  Young pecan trees require two key ingredients for establishment; 1) water and 2) elimination of weed competition. There is no published data on required irrigation amounts for young pecan trees that I have been able to find. So, we began a study in 2014 to determine this for trees grown…
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‘Desirable’ Bark Flaking Off

I get calls every year about ‘Desirable’ pecan trees on which the bark is peeling off or sloughing off in large chunks. While it occurs on other cultivars, this is a common occurrence and yet another quirk of ‘Desirable’. When trees grow in diameter the older, outside bark can’t stretch….
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Desirable Leaf Drop “Again”

I’ve had a few calls in the last day or so regarding the dropping of leaves from ‘Desirable’ trees. This is an annual occurrence and is a physiological condition we see more pronounced when there is a fast change in environmental conditions as we’ve seen recently with a shift from cool…
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Casebearers: To Spray or Not to Spray?

  We’re coming up on the time period when Pecan Nut Casebearer (PNC) has normally been treated in Georgia. There has recently been a lot of debate regarding just how much damage PNC does to the pecan crop here in Georgia. In Texas, PNC is a horrific pest.  Here in Georgia, its a different…
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Pecan Pollination

Based on the calls I’ve received, the occurrence of last week’s prolonged rainfall during the pecan flower bloom has many growers concerned that the weather had a negative effect on pecan pollination. While, cool, rainy conditions are certainly poor conditions for pecan pollination, I think we are still in pretty…
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