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Nitrogen Spray Application for Leaf Decomposition

As cool temperatures begins leaf abscission on the vines, one might consider applying a nitrogen foliar spray in the vineyard.  Due to wet overcast weather the fall season has brought us, many are still be combating downy and powdery mildew on the vines.  These fungi can overwinter on dead leaves if not…
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Juice and Fruit Testing at UGA

The UGA Crop & Environmental Quality Lab has recently expanded its services to include grape and wine analysis. The services offered and fees are listed below: Analytical Procedure pH- $8.00 Brix- $10.00 Titratable Acidity (TA)- $15.00 Volatile Acidity (VA)- $15.00 Fruit Quality Panel (pH, Brix, TA)- $30.00   Lab details:…
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Downy Mildew Materials

I have had a few questions relative downy mildew management, especially with the floods of the last week.  Relative Abound fungicide, I would not trust any of the strobilurins alone for downy mildew management.  If using Abound, I would use the high rate, and I would add some Captan to…
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Downy Mildew Warning

We are running the Italian downy mildew model again this year in conjunction with a research Ph.D. program on downy mildew. The model has been developed by Dr. Tito Caffi from Italy, and we are collaborating with him to better understand it and utilize it. Though we are still in…
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Latest research on Pierce’s disease

Check out this excellent article below on Pierce’s disease. Though the information is derived from California research, much of it applies to Georgia as well. The need for early-season management of the vectors is particularly compelling. cav6804p134-155915
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