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Avoid Pruning During Warm Weather

Sara Spayd, Extension Specialist from North Carolina State University, sent out a warning to all grape producers about pruning grape vines:

I know this beautiful weather is tempting, but please DO NOT PRUNE – even hedging. Pruning helps to stimulate vine growth. I would not be at all surprised if you see grape buds in some degree of bud swell, particularly the European bunch grape varieties. Those varieties have very little chilling requirement and it was likely met in the few cold days that we have had.

The short predicted cooling pattern for this weekend will do little to harden the vines and buds for any potential cold weather in January or February. Apparently the prediction is for temperatures to climb up again for Dec 24-25. A precipitous drop (30-40F) in temperatures after warm weather can cause a lot of damage.

Hold off on pruning until colder weather allows your vines to harden off and go dormant.