Engaging Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers in meaningful discussion about volunteering, outreach and community.

Something New with Grow Strong! 2017

  We tried a little something new last Friday when we hosted Grow Strong! 2017 at the Georgia Center in Athens. We reached out to almost 300 MGEVs across the state, connecting 14 remote sites and 2 distance speakers to the host location. We were able to have conversations, see…
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Valuable Growth!

Landscaping is known to yield an average 109% return on every dollar spent, making it a strategic home improvement and investment. Homes with professionally landscaped and manicured lawns sell faster and have a higher property value. Beautification can have a positive effect on businesses and people are much more likely…
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Healthy Growing

Registrations are streaming in for Grow Strong! 2017! We are very much looking forward to the approaching event date and all the event has to offer to Master Gardeners around the state. As we endeavor to present you with the latest research pertaining to the state initiatives that outline the…
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Growth in the Spring

The Grow Strong! 2017 event is getting closer and closer! The spring season is approaching quickly as well! As a GA MGEV, it is important that you are able to provide the public with sound advice and recommendations for preparing and maintaining their landscapes. Whether you are working a help…
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Growing Strong Community Gardens

MGEVs respond to public demand for knowledge of how to grow fruits and vegetables by conducting projects in the Home Food Production initiative. These projects focus on teaching the benefits of home food production and developing skills and knowledge in growing food, managing community gardens, or contributing to food banks…
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Grow with Us!

Knowing how to properly install and care for ornamental landscapes is critical for enjoying and reaping the benefits of the ecosystem services that they offer. Focusing on increasing awareness and knowledge of landscape and garden management for the optimum use and protection of the environment, education in this initiative includes…
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MGEVs are stars!

Every year, MGEVs are blossoming with accomplishments, and 2016 was no exception! Between countless volunteer hours on new and continuing projects, many Master Gardeners also squeezed in the opportunity to expand their education beyond the rigorous training course load. The Advanced Training program is an additional educational outlet that allows…
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Community and School Garden Resources

UGA announced another new publication today that adds to the series on community and school gardens. Are you aware of these publications? They could be very useful in talking with teachers or gardeners or other groups in the community who ask MGEVs about community and school gardens. Just in case…
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Fall Chores for School and Community Gardens

a guest post by Robert Westerfield, Extension Consumer Horticulturist, Extension Coordinator It’s hard to believe that fall is here (finally!), and school is back in session, while we still suffer from maximum degree temperatures. But it won’t be long before county offices start to get request for school or community gardens. Oftentimes,…
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