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This was our first site. There is a single raised bed that was installed September 16, 2016. We are now on our second planting, which is composed of Georgia collards, hybrid cabbage, curly kale, red sails lettuce, and Bonnie hybrid bell sweet peppers.

April 4, 2017     Observed that our night visitors came back over the weekend, and proceeded to clip the remaining lettuce plants off clean with the soil

March 30, 2017     Observed that kale seeds have emerged from the soil. Also squirrels have been digging holes in the soil.

March 28, 2017     Observed that a night time visitor (I assume rabbit) has munched several newly planted lettuce plants down to the soil.

March 24, 2017     Planted 6 red sails lettuce, 4 curly kale, and 7 Bonnie green bell sweet pepper plugs.

March 23, 2017     Harvested Brussels sprouts.

March 17, 2017     Planted kale seeds in between plugs planted the days before, trying to maximize spacing

March 16, 2017     Harvested cabbage, giving two heads to Sam Thornton and a head to Don Wardlaw, for their help in installing the garden. Planted 12 plugs of Georgia collards, and 6 plugs of hybrid cabbage.

November 15, 2016

September 20, 2016

September 16, 2016     Initial Installation and planting of kale, chard, lettuce, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, collards, and turnip plugs.