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Too much?

We have had a fair share of rain the last few days, but that is nothing compared to some communities in Texas. The positive is that neighbors have come together to help neighbors, even with large problems such as needing to move 600 head of cattle to dry land, with boats, aircraft, and every ground transport conceivable.
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Taken for Granted

We live in a rural area where wildlife is very abundant and there are safe wildlife and human interactions everyday, from a vehicle, building, safe distance, etc. On the other hand there are many out there that are never exposed to wild animals and do not have a healthy respect.
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Avian Influenza Update

UGA Extension Poultry Scientists have released a new reference on Avian Influenza addressing cases in western states. Be aware, cases have been reported as close as Arkansas.

2 biggest points:

  1.  Backyard flock and poultry producers need to utilize proper biosecurity procedures to prevent their birds from being infected.
  2.  Poultry meat and products are still safe for human consumption.

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Restaurant Chain ‘Chipotle,’ Short on Pork

Restaurant chain Chipotle is known for their clay-mation advertisements that pull at emotions and heart strings, and attack traditional agriculture. Chipotle sets high standards for suppliers and ingredients, but is known for incorporating ingredients that do not meet their “responsibly raised” standards when supplies are unavailable. This week was the first time that…
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From Football to Farming

Tomorrow may be the official day, but we are definitely in the season of giving thanks. I was catching up on national news stories and passed this one, and it makes you think about what is important and why you do what you. This short three minute video, is…
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