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2015 Hay Contests

Supplying forage year round is a vital part of many livestock operations. Living in Georgia, most livestock operations choose to supplement to fulfill this need with either a hay or haylage product in the cooler months. There are some operations, even in our area that choose to strictly or primarily produce forage to sell. Because of this widely accepted practice of putting up forage is so common, there are quite a few contests available to promote and award those for producing premier forage. All of these contests offer recognition as well as prizes, and some very large prizes.
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Further Avian Influenza Resources

Please find below the latest information on Avian Influenza (AI), included is the most recent web addresses for information.  This information is pertinent to people of all ages that interact with poultry.

From discussions with Georgia Department of Ag., Bio-Security is the key.  We all know this, but it is always good to be reminded.  Another point is the main source of possible contamination is the migratory bird population.  Remember this in your Bio-Security plans about contact with migratory birds, such as duck hunting in the fall.

The risk of humans contracting AI is low and if it were to occur would mostly likely be from coming in contact with a contaminated bird’s secretions.
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Beef Imports

Beef has been a hot topic. The floods being experienced out west have not replenished the available forage and drinking water in areas experiencing 5 year droughts. It is also roughly two years between cattle generations. Taking this all into account means that it takes much longer for cattle numbers to bounce as compare to other traditional livestock such as poultry, swine, and sheep.

Earlier this year the USDA lifted its ban on importing European beef to the US, a 1998 ban which followed the 1996 outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE) in Europe. This is where Ireland enters the market with beef that retails less than similar US product.
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UF Beef Cattle Economics Webinar Series

Southeast beef cattle producers are encouraged to tune-in to the upcoming UF Beef Cattle Economics Webinar Series. The event is hosted by the Range Cattle Research and Education Center and the South Florida Beef-Forage Program. The webinar series is being conducted to discuss ways to increase your herd’s production, performance, and profitability. Cattle producers saw record feeder calf prices and profits in 2014 that changed the dynamics of the cow-calf industry. The goal of this webinar series is to provide timely production and economic information that can help producers operate in this volatile marketplace. This series of presentations will take place on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:00 pm (EST) during June and July.
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