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October Beef Cattle Management Calendar

These are the general management needs, but there are additional needs in October that are based upon your calving season and can be located at the link provided below.

  • Quality of bermudagrass and bahia declines rapidly from now to frost. Watch condition of cows. Supplemental feed may be needed.
  • Fertilize fescue pastures (60 lb N; P, K and lime according to soil test results).
  • Finish planting winter grazing in prepared seed beds and begin overseeding winter annuals into pastures.
  • Watch feed conditions closely when grazing stalks and stubble. Cows will eat the best of the crop residues quickly.
  • Remove cattle from sorghum crops after a light frost due to the danger of prussic acid poisoning.
  • Continue to monitor supplemental feed prices. Corn and by-product feeds like cottonseed are usually cheaper in the fall.