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Doggone, those Dogwoods!

The leading cause of dogwood decline is poor site selection – planting in the wrong spot.  Dogwoods are understory trees, meaning they perform at their best when they are planted in the shade of another larger tree.  In other words, dogwoods are moderate shade to part-sun plants.  They like loose, moist soil, and three to four inches of mulch (be careful that the mulch does not touch the tree trunk).

So your dogwood has a problem.  The once beautifully-shaped tree,  the queen of Easter season in your garden, now seems little more than a trunk with spindly branches bearing yellowing and dropping leaves; or possibly it has lackluster blooms that are few and far between; maybe only one or two branches are dying.  Why?

Ask the dogwood.  Like any human and plant, dogwoods produce symptoms that tell you what is wrong.  Below is a chart indicating possible reasons for dogwood decline with links to more information.

Troubleshooting Dogwoods

Use this chart to identify problems afflicting your dogwood.

Use this chart to identify problems afflicting your dogwood.  See Other Resources for the links to the sources and further information.

For more information on caring for Dogwoods refer to the links below or call the UGA Houston County Extension Office at (478) 987-2028.

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