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Got Poptabs?

We collect poptabs year round, recycle them and donate the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House.  If you have a stash of them at your house we would love to take them off of your hands!  You can drop them off at our Fayette County Extension Office!  Last year Georgia…
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Pear Crisp

It is definitely fall!  Apples and pears are in season now and there are so many amazing recipes!  One of our Master Gardeners was nice enough to bring some pears to the office recently.  Here’s what we made with ours. Pear Crisp We used this Pear Crisp recipe from Martha…
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Monarch Mayhem Part 2

Our caterpillars have all pupated!  The monarch chrysalis is beautiful, a pale green with gold trim.  Sparkly gold, not flat and dull. This is what they look like right before they transform.  This photo was taken Friday. The others all pupated over the weekend.  It took about 8 days from…
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Giant Moths

This is about as intimidating as a caterpillar can be.  Although totally harmless, Hickory Horned Devil caterpillars look ferocious, with giant horns covering their head and smaller spikes on their bodies.  They’re also massive, growing up to 6 inches easily. When they get angry, the caterpillar will swing its spiked head back…
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Cotton Boll Consumer Judging

We all wear t-shirts, but how do we know which t-shirts are the best value?  Come to Cotton Boll/Consumer Judging and find out!  Our next practice is today from 4:00pm-5:30pm in Room 210 of the Fayette County Administrative Complex.  CBCJ Flyer & Practice Schedule
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Monarch Mayhem

The fascination with the little guys is understandable.  While other butterflies live only a few days or weeks, monarchs somehow travel a few thousand miles south and live to make it back in the spring!  We were naturally thrilled when we saw our first in early September and even more…
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Hello world!

Welcome to our Fayette County Extension blog!  We’ll share updates from the 4-H and Ag worlds, with some fun ideas and photos mixed in.  If you like what you see, share it with your family and friends! We’re also here to help anyway we can.  We love questions and visitors!  Visit our…
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