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Enjoy this article from Terry Johnson, retired DNR manager.


The musical entertainment at my house this time of year ranges from cardinals and gray catbirds by day to whip-poor-wills and chuck-wills-widows at night.

But there is one champion songster whose skills are often unnoticed or misattributed – the brown thrasher.

Although known as Georgia’s state bird and common in backyards across all 159 counties, the brown thrasher’s musical talents are largely unappreciated. Reasons why include brown thrashers often sing out of sight – in thick shrubbery or vines — and casual listeners often mistake their songs for those of northern mockingbirds, which prefer to sing in the open.

However, to those who recognize the subtleties, the brown thrasher’s vocal talents exceed the mockingbird’s.

And they sing hundreds, possibly thousands more songs. …

Read Terry’s column for a greater appreciation of our state bird.

Terry W. Johnson is a retired DNR nongame program manager and executive director of TERN, Nongame Conservation’s friends group. Read more in the Out My Backdoor library, Terry’s Backyard Wildlife Connection blog and his new book, “A Journey of Discovery: Monroe County Outdoors.”

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