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Submitted by: Alex Parrish, 4-H County President

Do you find yourself struggling to stay active? Tennis is a great way to exerciser without having to have a whole team to play. Tennis played with a racquet and a ball. All you need is an opponent, or a wall. Tennis players will practice with a wall that has a line drawn on to signify the net. Tennis a great sport to learn because you can play it throughout your life. Many men and women who play tennis are known to live longer and have less health problems. The object of tennis is to make contact with the ball and hit it over the net but inside the lines drawn on the court. Once you win a point your score goes from love (zero) to 15 then 30, 40, game. You have to win six games to win a set. Also there are four boxes drawn onto a tennis court. These are the serving boxes, when it is your turn to serve you want to land the ball inside the serving box. You have two tries to get a serve in. For more information go to usta.com.

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About Abby Smith

Abby W. Smith is the County Extension Coordinator and 4-H Youth Development Agent for Effingham County Extension. She has worked for UGA Extension cumulatively for seven years. 4-H and Extension has always been an important part of life for Smith and she is dedicated to offering well-rounded, diverse and educationally based programming for the citizens of Effingham County.