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4-H Rewards

Submitted by: Abby Henry, 4-H Leadership Team Member

With Christmas right around the corner, we all start thinking about what we want. We make our lists and we send them out to friends and family members. However, in 4-H we like to remind others to give during this season. Our service project for this month is to collect Christmas books, coloring books, crayons, and school supplies for families in need. We also have also previously rung bells for the Salvation Army and gone to the Ronald McDonald house around this season. Another thing that 4-H gives that may not be directly seen is confidence and important life skills. All through the year we have monthly meetings in which we have fun activities where we encourage others to get to know each other. Having been one of those nervous kids who was afraid to talk to anyone I didn’t know, I know how intimidating but rewarding that can be. 4-H has given me the confidence to be myself and not be afraid of what others might think. This is one of the greatest presents anyone could receive. During this season don’t just think about what you want but what you can give. Also, think about what other things you can give to someone. Rather than a material object, give someone a smile while walking past them or do a small deed of grace. It may seem insignificant, but sometimes people remember the experiences far longer than the objects they receive throughout life.

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About Abby Smith

Abby W. Smith is the County Extension Coordinator and 4-H Youth Development Agent for Effingham County Extension. She has worked for UGA Extension cumulatively for seven years. 4-H and Extension has always been an important part of life for Smith and she is dedicated to offering well-rounded, diverse and educationally based programming for the citizens of Effingham County.