Making Connections

Making connections is one of the best activities our young people can engage in.  The networks built early in life are often the ladder of support through the rest of it!  The Jersey Active Management by Students (JAMS) team is dedicated to learning more about the dairy industry simply by…
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Pain Mitigation During Dehorning

Thursday afternoon, the Dairy Production and Management class at UGA had a lab focused on assessment of current farm “weaknesses” coupled with their thoughts on the “opportunities” for farm improvement.  This included current protocols regarding calf health and biosecurity as well as how to implement a sound heat checking protocol…
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Manure Field Day – December 1st

The University of Georgia in collaboration with Georgia Department of Agriculture will be hosting an afternoon full of manure fun!!!  There will be a live manure spill emergency response demonstration.  The Nhun Crawler and PCE agitation boats will be showcased.  Reid Brothers Irrigation will be demonstrating some of their manure handling…
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