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Waterfern Control for Ponds

I respond to all sorts of pond weed calls each week. Several of these calls have been the result of an unusual looking weed called Waterfern (Salvinia minima). Not to be confused with its larger cousin, Giant Salvinia (Salvinia molesta), who is actually on the federal noxious weed list. Waterfern is a floating fern that…
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Assessing Cabbage Varieties

This week I planted a cabbage variety trial in Colquitt County with our new UGA extension vegetable horticulturalist, Dr. Tim Coolong (pictured below). Dr. Coolong comes to us from the University of  Kentucky where he held the same job title. I have gotten the chance to work with Dr. Coolong…
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September Trivia

I must admit I stole the idea of a trivia question from a fellow agent, Rome Ethredge, who does a question of the week on his blog. I thought it would be a good way to get some conversation started on here while giving you some gee-whiz information. Leave a comment…
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Peanut Harvest Reminders

Just passing on a few reminders as you gear-up to dig and harvest peanuts. *Install sharp blades on digger-shakers, keep blades sharp  and replace frequently. *Clean combine thoroughly, especially the pickup header and  the straw walkers to remove old debris that might cause issues with Seg 2 or 3  peanuts….
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Bermudagrass Browning

In the past week or so I have received numerous calls about bermudagrass that was brown/dying in hay fields and pastures. Many cases have been caused by damage from the Bermudagrass Stem Maggot (BSM). However, I have seen just as many cases that were caused by leaf spot and leaf rust. A closer look at…
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Artificial Insemination School

Southeast Select Sires, Inc., has scheduled an Artificial Insemination (AI) School for October 7 – 9, 2013, at the Calhoun Stockyard on Hwy. 53 near Calhoun, Georgia.  The class will begin at 12 noon on Monday and will finish at 12 noon on Wednesday. The cost is $350 per person.  …
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