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Colquitt County Cotton Defoliation and Peanut Maturity Update!!!

Upcoming Meeting:  On Friday, September 4, 2015,the Colquitt County Cooperative Extension will be hosting a Colquitt County Cotton Defoliation and Peanut Maturity Meeting.  The meeting will begin at noon with a sponsored lunch.  Drs. Jared Whitaker, UGA Cotton Agronomist, and Scott Monfort, UGA Peanut Agronomist, will be in attendance to…
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Late Summer Nut Drop

Below are a few comments from Dr. Lenny Wells on the current pecan situation. Pecans are susceptible to four distinct periods of physiological nut drop throughout the growing season, in which the tree will abort or shed nuts. The first drop occurs immediately after pollination and often goes un-noticed. The…
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Row Crop Disease Update 7-24-15

Below are a few comments from Bob Kemerait, UGA Plant Pathologist, about the current row crop disease situation.  There has been angular leaf spot observed in Colquitt County.  Cotton: ANGULAR LEAF SPOT (aka bacterial blight):  Angular leaf spot is a bacterial disease caused by the pathogen now known as Xanthomonas axonopodis…
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2015 Peanut Rx

A good way to help producers with fungicide programs in peanut is to use Peanut Rx.  Peanut Rx was developed by researchers and Extension specialists at UGA, University of Florida, and Auburn University.  This program takes factors such as variety, planting date, plant population, row pattern tillage and field history to…
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Forage Insect Update 7-24-15

Below are a few comments from Dr, Dennis Hancock, UGA Forage Agronomist, on the current forage insect situation. Bermudagrass stem maggot We have been seeing and getting reports of bermudagrass stem maggot damage all across the southern 2/3 of Georgia. Most folks have cut their second cutting and many have…
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Thoughts on Bermudagrass Stem Maggot!!

I have been noticing various levels of bermudagrass stem maggot damage in area bermudagrass fields.  It is suggest to closely monitoring the current regrowth of bermudagrass for damage. It is usually late in the second cutting or early in the third cutting when damaging levels first begin to appear. Spraying an…
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