Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

How domestication changed five popular foods

Business Insider had an interesting story earlier this year about how domestication changed five different popular foods from something barely recognizable to something delicious.  Check it out and see what your favorite food looked like before scientists and farmers worked their magic at
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How will increases in warm fall temperatures affect SEC football?

Today’s football game in Athens is being played in temperatures far above normal, although they are not quite as close to record-setting highs as we experienced earlier this week. In fact, in much of the Southeast temperatures the last two weeks have been more like July or August than mid-October,…
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‘Katrina brain’: The invisible long-term toll of megastorms

While you might know that PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a result of being in stressful situations like combat under fire, you might not know that it can also occur in people who have lived through a traumatic event like a tornado, hurricane or fire.  Politico has an interesting…
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When extreme weather and football collide

Watching video of the Michigan versus Michigan State football game downpour yesterday reminded me about some of the all-time great (from a weather standpoint) games I have seen in the past, including the Fog Bowl, Ice Bowl and Snow Bowl. You can read about them at When Extreme Weather…
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Happy astronomical fall!

While fall started on September 1 for meteorologists and climatologists, today is the first day of astronomical fall.  Most of the Southeast will be feeling summer-like temperatures for a few more days before cooler air moves into the region in about a week.  You can read more about why climatologists…
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