Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Shifts in planting zones in the US between 1971-2000 and 1981-2010

In my meetings this week I was reminded that many farmers use USDA planting zones to determine what varieties of trees and crops to plant. Hardiness zones are related to the average coldest day of the year.  Here is an interesting comparison of how these zones have changed over time…
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NOAA OceanAdapt tool shows how fish have migrated over time

NOAA has a new tool in their Climate Resiliency Toolkit which allows you to look at the migration of a variety of sea life over time. It’s called OceanAdapt and you can read about it at or go directly to the link at It includes information for dozens…
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“The Sea Level Did, in Fact, Rise Faster in the Southeast U.S.”

According to a recent New York Times article, a recent study in Geophysical Research Letters has shown that sea levels in parts of the Southeast are rising at six times the global average rise. Scientists have proposed a new mechanism for this oddity: Two large-scale atmospheric patterns had intersected to push…
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“Eight Tropical Cyclones At Once in the North Pacific Ocean For First Time Since 1974”

While the Atlantic has been relatively inactive as far as tropical storms go this year (although they are still ahead of normal in named storms), the Pacific Ocean has been hopping.  Weather Underground posted a story describing the eight storms that occurred at the same time across the Northern Pacific…
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