Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

NOAA emPOWER map helps emergency managers locate vulnerable populations

NOAA’s Climate Toolkit has a unique new tool that allows emergency managers and public health departments identify people who are vulnerable to loss of electrical power.  It links a database of Medicare beneficiaries who use electric adaptive devices to current weather hazards to identify how many people in an affected…
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“NOAA Data Helps Retail and Manufacturing Business Minimize Impacts from Weather and Climate”

NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information put out a very interesting article and accompanying video on how their climate and weather data are used in management decisions by businesses and manufacturing plants to minimize economic losses. Of course farmers already do this to help plan farm activities and determine crop…
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Why NOAA and USDA have two different plant hardiness maps

Here’s an interesting article from about why NOAA and USDA have slightly different plant hardiness zone maps.  These maps help gardeners determine what kind of plants are likely to do well in a given location and are based primarily on lowest minimum temperatures. Because of the way they are…
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Edenton NC family continues weather observation–120 years and counting

Here’s an inspiring story about a family of weather observers in Edenton NC who have been serving as cooperative observers for the National Weather Service for the last 120 years!  Climatologists depend on help from dedicated volunteers like this family to provide long-term reliable and consistent observations of weather which…
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