Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

50th anniversary of Midwestern tornadoes

Today is a big anniversary for me–it marks the 50th anniversary of the tornado that went two blocks from my house in Grand Rapids MI, kicking off my interest in studying the weather. The storms in Michigan were overshadowed by the Belvidere IL tornado and others that also happened that…
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The Black Sunday dust storm of April 14, 1935

During the Dust Bowl era, there were a number of storms that made history for the size and length of the storm and the amount of soil they moved.  Chief among those is the Black Sunday dust storm of 1935, which was, by some accounts, 1000 miles long.  You can…
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81st anniversary of the Gainesville GA tornado

One of the most deadly tornadoes in Georgia history occurred on April 6, 1936, in Gainesville, Georgia.  According to, “the F-4 tornado packed winds up to 260 mph, killed 203 people and injured 934 others. Almost a fourth of the deaths came from fires that burned after the storm…
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