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Spider Mite Infestations in Peanuts

The continued hot and dry weather is not ideal for many things, but spider mites love it. I continue to find additional spider mite infestations in more and more of the dryland peanut fields that I visit. The dry corners in pivot fields are also harboring mites. The extended hot and dry…
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Terminating Insecticide Applications in Cotton

The decision to terminate insect controls can be challenging in some fields but a few basic considerations will assist in that decision.  When evaluating a field a grower must first identify the last boll population which will significantly contribute to yield (bolls which you plan to harvest).  In some situations…
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UGA East Georgia Extension Agronomist Interviews

Please refer to the date, time and location below for the last three candidate interviews applying for the UGA East Georgia Extension Agronomist position. This position was previously held by Dr. Jared Whitaker. Some of you were in attendance for Dr. Russell Henderson’s, Dr. Joseph Oakes and Dr. Mathew Wallhead’s earlier interviews. Please…
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Southern Corn Rust Confirmed in Bulloch County

Southern corn rust was confirmed in Robert Franklin’s irrigated corn field in Register yesterday (June 15). The rust was found sporadically in small amounts in his field. Please take necessary action to protect your corn crop from southern corn rust from very early tassel through dough stage (R6). Refer to…
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