Bacon County Ag Update

Blueberry Rust and Thrips

Rust I am seeing rust sporulation on last year’s leaves on Southern Highbush Blueberries. This indicates it will be a long season of rust control if we consider that we need to protect leaves until next fall. Given that we already have green fruit this year, your options for good rust control pre-harvest…
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It’s already time for crabgrass and dogfennel

I have seen crabgrass sprouting and dogfennel greening up this week! Our warm winter temperatures have sped up our timeline for pre emergence herbicide applications to our fields. Crabgrass and other annual grasses will begin to germinate when soil temperatures are above 55° our 2 inch soil temperatures have been…
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Bacon County Pesticide Training

This is an updated announcement with the correct flyer. There will be a pesticide training in Bacon county February 21, 2017. The meeting’s primary focus will be on changes to the Worker Protection Requirements for agriculture workers. These new EPA requirements will affect everyone that uses workers beyond family members…
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Using Pesticides Wisely Training for auxin herbicides

Cotton and soybean varieties with tolerance to auxin herbicides (2,4-D or dicamba) are being commercialized. Prior to making applications of dicamba to dicamba-tolerant cotton/soybean or 2,4-D to 2,4-D-tolerant cotton/soybeans in Georgia, growers will be required to attend the training “Using Pesticides Wisely”.  The training will focus on helping applicators/growers make…
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More on Mummy Berry

I wanted to provide everyone with a bit more information regarding Mummy Berry infections.  Typically, mummy berry risk in our area is closely related to the timing of leaf and flower emergence in rabbiteye blueberries in South Georgia. Dr. Scherm’s mummy berry prediction model is running a month ahead compared to the last five years. Many of…
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Mummy Berry Model

Dr. Harald Scherm has run the mummy germination model up to Jan. 17. Assuming good soil moisture it seems that the risk of infection of leaf and flower buds are high at susceptible stages. Potential mummy germination 1-18-2017
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