Bacon County Ag Update

Blue-Green Alage

Blue-green algae is a common algae that grows in many ponds, lakes, and other water sources throughout the world. Under certain conditions, such as drought or high phosphorous and nitrogen in the water, these algae can reproduce at an alarming rate creating an “algal bloom” from which several issues can arise….
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Monitor your field moisture levels

You may need to increase your irrigation frequency or application rate. I am thinking of several of the blueberry fields that I have visited in the last several days, but this information applies to anything else you are trying to grow. Our daytime temperatures are rising as we head into summer, couple this…
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Sharon Bridges retirement

Many of you already are aware that Sharon Bridges, Bacon County Extension Secretary, is retiring at the end of this month. Please stop by the office on Friday, March 31, 2017, between the hours of 3-5 pm. Refreshments will be served.    
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Equipment Safety

EQUIPMENT SAFETY   Equipment safety is one of the more important issues regarding farm safety. Equipment can be extremely dangerous if not respected.   Here are some general rules to making your day safer everyday:   Before operating equipment do a safety check: check for loose tools around the equipment,…
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Winter lawn weeds

This is a good time of year to treat annual winter weeds in your lawn. One of the most common weeds brought to me for identification is Burweed. Key identification characteristics of lawn burweed are: 1) opposite, sparsely hairy leaves that are divided into numerous segments, b) small inconspicuous flowers and…
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